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Delahaze is a new generation Paradise Seeds strain that takes Haze to the next dimension. It is a multiple award-winning sativa that finishes quick. The taste is hazey with a refreshing flavor of citrus and shades of mango. This strain is popular with sativa aficionados, thanks to its quick harvest time. Delahaze produces upward–spiraling and compact buds that protrude from big top and side colas, all the more visible thanks to a high calyx-to-leaf ratio. Delahaze is a good choice indoors, however it is advisable to induce flowering early on in vegetation period in order to keep it under control, as the sativa gene means this plant does like to climb. Outdoors, Delahaze is not the best recommendation for gardeners in moderate climates but expect this plant to reach for the sun and respond very kindly to the warmth of a sunnier climate where the rewards will be very pleasing. Suitable for growing outdoors between 45° N and 45° S, Delahaze is ready to harvest in early November outdoors (N. lat.), while indoors it is ready in 9–10 weeks.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

70% sat./ 30% ind.
Indoor flowering time
63 days
Flowering time outdoor
early November
citrus & mango
Paradise Seeds



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