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Critical Mass

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The auto version of Critical Mass, a strain well-known for its hard, resinous buds and high yields. This auto-flowering version produces good yields in a relatively short life cycle.

Critical Mass Auto is eminently suitable for cultivation indoors as well as outdoors. Indoor-grown plants reach a height of 80 - 100 cm and will be ready for harvest in just 60 - 70 days from seed. Yields are in the region of 400 - 500 gr/m2.

When sown outdoors these plants grow taller, between 100 - 150 cm, and its northern hemisphere season is between April and November. Growers in lower latitudes should be able to raise more than one crop per season, indeed, up to three is possible, especially if the next batch is sprouted and established before planting out.

These plants exude a sweet and fruity scent, both during florescence and when its rock-hard buds are dried. THC is around the 14% mark and resin production is high so extract-makers may well find this strain of interest.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

Indoor flowering time
65 - 70 days
Flowering time outdoor
sweet, fruity
Plant height
indoor: 90-100 cm, outdoor: 1,2-1,4 m
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