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Critical+ Auto CBD

Critical + Auto CBD

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The most popular autoflowering strain in the Dinafem catalogue, Critical+ Auto, is now accessible to all thanks to this new strain whose high CBD content has substantially suppressed the strong effect of the original Critical+. Consumers who find it difficult to cope with high levels of THC can now enjoy the classic skunky smell of Critical+ without being hit by an extremely strong/long-lasting high. A catalogue made up of the CBD-rich versions of Dinafem’s best strains couldn’t miss their most iconic autoflowering that, despite its auto traits, has little to envy to the regular feminized strains in terms of character and flavor. Critical+ Auto CBD should have a privileged place in the grow tents and gardens of all those who are fond of intense skunk scents because, as expected, Critical+ Auto CBD smells as much and as well as its cousin Critical+ 2.0 Auto, with all its delicious flavors and aromas intact.

Thanks to this new strain, fans of this peculiar smell will be able to enjoy it with all the advantages of CBD: controlled psychoactive effects and a pleasant sensation of well-being, both physically and cerebrally speaking. Critical+ Auto CBD is an indica-dominant hybrid with a rather sativa-like appearance: large internodal spacing, long branches and thin leaflets. The size and shape of its buds is more indica-like, though, that is, more compact and numerous.


Critical+ Auto CBD unquestionably lives up to its dynasty, always delivering numerous dense and resinous buds if grown under adequate growing conditions. Its buds tend to be really thick and compact, far more than what autoflowering strains generally produce. This, apart from being a highly coveted trait, can be a pain in the neck during the whole growing process since buds retain water much more than less dense strains, and this can lead to the appearance of botrytis.

It is easy to grow and flowers fast. Being such an easy cannabis strain makes it unnecessary to have any prior experience to obtain quality crops. In any case, Critical+ Auto CBD, like all its sisters, grows marvelously in SOG (sea of green), a growing technique to optimize the available space indoors. This is because its thin leaves let light reach even the lower sections. Cultivating a maximum of 9–16 plants per square metre is recommended if we want them to show their full potential.

If one particular trait of Critical+ were to be singled out, that would be, without any shadow of a doubt, its flavor and aroma. In Dinafem, they have a weakness for them and they have thus become their greatest obsession when developing this new version, and it was their priority to keep them untouched. With Critical+ Auto CBD, they have, once again, managed to do it right, but with a little difference. While in the breeding, they observed the orangey scent of their CBD elite line matched perfectly with the citrus skunky aroma of Critical+. They have succeeded in conferring some new nuances to the intense skunk fragrance of Critical+ by making the sweet orange scent more evident.

As with all CBD-rich strains, the high levels of cannabidiol make sure the psychoactive effects are less intense and more controlled, although this would depend on the user’s tolerance to cannabis as well as on the amount of marijuana consumed. What is clear, though, is that the effect is always going to be gentler than the one delivered by a non-CBD strain. CBD reduces the intoxicating effects of THC but, since the latter doesn’t completely disappear, Critical+ Auto CBD is perfect for those who want to relax without suffering from tachycardia or a hangover. Dinafem team believes CBD to be the healthiest and most sustainable option for those people who'd rather go through a gentle experience.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

20% sat./ 30% ind./ 50% rud
Critical+ 2.0 Auto x Auto CBD
Life cycle
70 days
skunk with sweet orange
Plant height
outdoor: 75–170 cm


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