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Critical we were surprised by its mixture of phenotypes. Short flowering and compact fruit like an indica, sativa with creative and cerebral, which helps us to make our favorite activities. Besides being very good producer, which brought fame to this variety was pleasant taste to the palate: fruity, ripe lemon and orange ... many flavors that can remind us. Critical has an excellent response at the beginning of the flowering period, then continues to increase in size during the first two weeks to twelve hours long, thick branches develops commensurate with the weight of the flowers they produce, which in its final stage, fattened at high speed up to take a size rarely seen in other species. It is the quintessential commercial variety.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

50% ind./ 50% sat.
Indoor flowering time
7–8 weeks
Flowering time outdoor
middle september
sweet floral



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