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Cannapedia.cz: Blueberry Sknuk od Flying Dutchman seedbanky

Blueberry Skunk

Average rating: 3.5 (12× ratings)

Delicious, devastating and a delight to grow. Two highly regarded strains come together in this next-generation hybrid, and both sides benefit from the union.
Skunk #1’s vigour, yield and reliability are preserved, and Blueberry brings its exquisite flavour and superb resin production to the mix.
Blueberry Skunk is Indica dominant with definite Sativa tendencies, due to the Indica/Sativa background of both parents. During flowering, most plants will double or triple their vegetated height, with fat, resin-crusted buds closing the gaps between internodes.

Fundamental parameters

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Indoor flowering time
55–65 days
Blueberry x Skunk


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