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Blue Nitro Haze

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Outdoor cultivation in colder environments is no longer a problem with Blue Nitro Haze which was especially created to withstand cold and rainy climates. A Moroccan sativa was crossed with an Early Pearl (USA, Californian heritage) which resulted in the creation of Early Moroccan, further crossbred with a hybrid of Purple Haze (Mexican, Colombian, Thai and Indian heritage) and Lazy Ice (Northern Light x White Widow) called Purple Ice. This resulted in a very stable and resistant outdoor plant, very sweet tasting, with hints of diesel, and sweet and earthy aroma. It is one of Sumo’s fastest-flowering Haze strains, with blue tones on the leaves, hence the name Blue Nitro Haze. Although it’s a sativa-dominant plant, its buds are very dense. A pure Haze for colder climates, very mold and disease resistant. However, Blue Nitro Haze cannot be cultivated indoors because of its height.

Fundamental parameters

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15% ind./85% sat.
Flowering time outdoor
March - mid-September
Early Moroccan x Blue Ice
sweet and earthy
Plant height
200–250 cm outdoor
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