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Auto Galaxy je nádherná odrůda konopí od seedbanky Pyramid Seeds, více na Cannapedia.cz


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Surely this variety will not let you indifferent, because it breaks completely with that industrial hemp flavor that automatics once had. Its sweet, fruity taste and its long relaxing effect, brings Auto Galaxy very near to its next of kin Galaxy. It is a medium sized plant, solid and strong with heavy resinous buds. Outdoors: You can start cultivation in early February, but we recommend you to turn a light on after dark, until days grow longer. Indoors, like any other automatic 20 hours of lighting is advised.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

70% ind./ 30% rud.
Indoor flowering time
70 days
Flowering time outdoor
Plant height
40–120 cm


Marijuana strain database Cannapedia.cz: Auto Galaxy by Pyramid Seeds


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