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Auto Durban Poison®

Average rating: 3.9 (7× ratings)

Auto Durban Poison® is the automatic version of Dutch Passion’s legendary original Durban Poison photoperiod variety. This sativa-dominant autoflower can be harvested 10–11 weeks after germination and it will grow fast and tall, with plenty of side growth, just like the original. This is a top quality feminized automatic which delivers a connoisseur’s quality vape experience. Auto Durban Poison® tends to take longer during vegetative period than other autoflowers, which can allow it to grow a little taller. The buds grow large and resinous with that special, celebrated Durban aroma. This variety will perform well outdoors too, it is a high-performance new automatic using some of their best genetics. Ideal for anyone seeking a top quality auto.
It takes 10–11 weeks from the seed to harvest, and heights are typically about 80–100 centimeters, but occasionally these plants can get taller.


Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

Durban Poison x Unknown Ruderalis
Life cycle
10 - 11 weeks
Plant height
80 cm - 100 cm, occasionaly taller
Dutch Passion



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