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Konopná odrůda African Free od seedbanky Eva Seeds

African Free

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African Free feminized has been created by crossing a South African female with a robust and resistant male Indica Super Skunk. This Super Skunk is a warrant for a rich bud production and vigorous growth of the plant, plus its heavy resin production. The naked facts about its genetics: 75% Sativa / 25% Indica. African Free flourishes well indoors and outdoors. Outdoors it forms large plants and can reach a height of 2m. The plants have a shape like a christmastree and huge main buds. Due to its resin production it qualifies as a perfect hashish plant. African Free is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, but one must keep an eye on the temperature as it does not like temperatures below 18°C. It flourishes well in a SOG environment and provides a high yield (depending on medium and container size). Indoors, African Free reaches a height of 80-90cm and outdoors it can grow to a height of 1,8-2,5m (depending on sowing time). African Free has a flowering time of 60-65 days and the effect of the final product is basically a Sativa high; euphoric, creative and funny. The smell of the buds is sweet like fresh fruits and its flavour resembles fruits and wood somehow.

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Fundamental parameters

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75% sat./ 25% ind.
Indoor flowering time
60–65 days
Flowering time outdoor
middle of October
South Africa x Super Skunk
Eva Seeds


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Cannapedia: African Free by Eva Seeds


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