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Special conditions of sale

Special conditions of sale for web site cannapedia.cz of company Canna b2b, s.r.o.

ID 020 23 024, registered seat Cafourkova 525/11, 181 00 Praha 8 – Bohnice, filed at Municipal Court in Prague under File No. C 214621 („Company“)

valid from 1st January 2016


I. Introductory provisions

1.         The Special conditions of sale („SCOS“) govern a part of content of agreements on providing of publicity, advertising and promotional services („Services“) acorrding to Art. 1751 Par. 1 Act No. 89/2012 Col., Civil Code, as amended („Civil Code“). The Services are provided by means of web site cannapedia.cz („Cannapedia.cz“).

2.         For purposes of these SCOS a client is either a natural person who is a entrepreneur in accordance with Art. 420 and following articles of Civil Code or an artificial person in accordance with Art. 20 and 21 of Civil Code („Clients“, or separately „Client“).

3.         All Services provided to Clients of the Company by means of Cannapedia.cz are governed by these SCOS. The Services are provided either on the base of accepted orders or other accepted agreements („Agreement“). These SCOS are an indescertible part of such Agreements. Arrangements differing in a written Agreement take precedence over the SCOS.

4.         By means of Cannapedia.cz the Company provides particularly those Services:

  • banner advertisment
  • placing a specific hemp variety to the variety list
  • placing a specific hyperlink at the listed hemp variety


II. Order

1.         The Clients can make a proposal of agreement („Order“) by means of contacts placed on Cannapedia.cz. The Company usually accepts the Order by identical means of contact, which are specified in the Order by the Client.

2.         By placing the Order the Client agrees with the Pricelist and other published conditions of providing of the Services. The current Pricelist is placed on Cannapedia.cz.

3.         The Company is authorized to refuse any Clients Order before its acceptance, even without specifying a reason.


III. Details and Authorization

1.         The Client is obliged to provide the Company with all the data and details („Details“) necessary for  providing the Service and provide the Company with all authorization needed for disposal of such data and details that are protected by third party rights, especially intellectual property right and protection of personality rights („Authorizations“). Specifications for Details and form of Authorization is determined by the Company.

2.         The Client is liable for entirety, accuracy and accordance of Details and Authorizations with generally binding regulation, laws and third parties rights and also bonus mores. The Client is liable for any loss caused to the Company or third party by providing faulty Details or Authorizations. The Company is not liable for any loss caused by usage of faulty Details or Authorizations.

3.         The Client provides the Company with Details and Authorizations concurrently with placing an Order. If not possible, the Clients provide the Company with Details and Authorizations without unreasonable delay but not after a date set by the Company.

4.         If the Company requires Details amendments or additional extension of Authorization or endorsements for reasonable doubt about extensity of such Authorization, the Client complies such request without unreasonable delay but not after a date set by the Company.

5.         If the Client is in default with fulfilling his obligations according to par. 3 and 4 of art. III and does not comply until a deadline set by the Company, the Company is authorized to withdraw from Agreement. Concurrently the Company is entitled to charge the Client with contractual penalty amounting to 50% of the contractual remuneration according to the Agreement.

6.         If the Company still possess the Details after cooperation termination as stated in the Agreement, the Company returns provided Details to the Client.


IV. Implementation

1.         The extent of providing the Services is decided by the Company unless stated otherwise in the Agreement.

2.         The Company is authorized to cease providing Services if the Client defaults any obligations to the Company.

3.         The instant of providing the Services as well as taking the Services over by the Customer is the instant of making it accessible to the public.


V. Withdrawal from Agreement

1.         The Company is authorized to withdraw from Agreement in cases set by generally binding regulation, General Conditions of Sale („GCOS“) and Agreement.

2.         The Company is authorized to withdraw from Agreement hereafter in:

  • case of the Client has been taken in insolvency proceedings as insolvency debitor.
  • at once there are reasonable doubts of Client's competence for providing for his commitments and the Client refuses to grant assurance to provide for his existing commitments to the Company.

3.         Means and other details of the withdrawal from Agreement are governed by generally binding regulation, GCOS and Agreement.


VI. Concluding Provisions

1.         Unless stated otherwise in SCOS or Agreement the legal relations not stated in the SCOS are governed by the GCOS in the version valid and effective to date of conclusion of the Agreement.