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Hepatitis C

Hepatitida C

Hepatitis C is a disease caused by a HCV virus, which induces inflammation of the liver and affects tens of millions people worldwide. It is most often transmitted through the use of injection needles but also via unprotected sex with an infected person.


Conventional Treatment

The three-dose vaccine method has recently become very popular. It includes three vaccines based on interferon, ribavirin, and some antivirotic with direct effects. However, despite relatively good results, these drugs may have a number of more or less serious side effects.


Cannabis and Hepatitis C

Numerous studies suggest that cannabis has a great potential in the treatment of inflammatory diseases and helps patients combat the HCV virus.

Such an example is one research from 2011, which has shown that cannabis has therapeutic potential for HCV and other patients with damaged liver. Another older study from 2003 concluded that cannabinoids suppress inflammation and repair damage of a liver and thus could be in future used as a basis for hepatitis therapies.

Comparative clinical study from 2006 found that the benefits of cannabis treatment for patients with hepatitis outweigh all possible side effects. Another research conducted by German scientists also found out that cannabis helps hepatitis patients to control nausea and other side effects of antivirotics. And already in 2005, scientists conducted comparative analysis showing that plant cannabinoids can mitigate symptoms of chronic liver diseases.

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