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Cannabis has been used for millennia to treat common skin injuries, such as burns, bruises, itching rashes, and other skin issues, because of its analgesic, antiseptic and antibacterial effects.


Science and Research

One of the pioneering studies in this area was conducted in former Czechoslovakia by three renowned researchers at Palacký University in Olomouc. Their paper was presented at one of the very first medical cannabis conferences already in 1954 (the event was called “Cannabis as a medicine”). During their clinical testing, they successfully treated burns, septic cysts, and bacterial infections of skin with cannabis butter.

Contemporary studies, including the research conducted at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2007, further confirmed their findings; in this Israeli study, cannabis was shown to support healing of the so-called allergic contact dermatitis.


Social Media

Internet is full of testimonials of patients who treated their burns with cannabis creams and saw incredible results – especially when the cream is infused with extracts high in main cannabinoids. It is true that with skin conditions, reactions to cannabis may vary individually; however the treatment of burns with cannabis ointments seems to work universally and very quickly.