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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder known as ADHD is psychiatric condition expressing itself with restlessness, hyperactivity, and impulsive behaviour. It affects mostly children, while adults are usually diagnosed with an attention disorder called ADD, which in contrast to ADHD does not include the symptoms of hyperactivity.

In the modern-day world, more than one in ten children is diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. It should be noted that doctors prescribe psychostimulants with similar structure as cocaine’s for this condition.


Not Enough Research on Cannabis

The truth is that the body of research on the impact of cannabinoids on ADD/ADHD is still very small, thus, we cannot surely claim anything about this issue. However, pioneering research in this field is promising and suggests that this method has a great potential.

Dr. David Bearman, one of the eminent figures in the medical cannabis research, focuses on the relation between human endocannabinoid system and ADHD. He managed to find a potential application of cannabis in the treatment of this disorder – cannabis influences the way in which the brain treats dopamine.

“Cannabis can probably suppress ADD and ADHD by increasing availability of dopamine,” claims Dr.Bearman. “It functions in a different way than stimulants as Ritalin and Dexedrine or amphetamine, but it ultimately has the same effects – all of them bind to dopamine and prevent the body from eliminating it.”


Too many details

To put it simply, cannabinoids – chemicals present in cannabis – could be able to increase the reduced level of dopamine that causes ADD/ADHD. According to patient testimonials, cannabis can slow down their minds to the point when they can fully concentrate again. They can handle everyday tasks and manage their frequent mood changes much better compared to conventional treatments.

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