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Prague’s Million Marihuana March

One of the world’s biggest and most popular protest events demanding the legalization of cannabis takes place every year all around the globe – including Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. English speakers may know the event under its other name: Global Marijuana March.

The first global MMM took place in 1999 with hundreds of thousands of people protesting cannabis prohibition in more than 829 cities in over 70 countries from all around the world.

The first Czech version took place even before that – in 1998 local activists took into streets of Prague and demanded cannabis legalization, however this event is obviously not considered to be the part of global MMM.

According to the webpage of NGO Legalizace.cz (Prague’s MMM organizer), the first (or zero) year of MMM in Prague was in 2000. It is worth noting, though, that the first years were accompanied by many organization obstacles, poor promotion, collisions with other events, and all in all failed to attract huge amounts of protesters and media attention.

In following years, NGO Legalizace.cz’s team managed to attract substantial crowds and media coverage, and made Prague’s version of MMM one of the biggest legalization events in Europe.


Pražský Million Marihuana March

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