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Canapa Mundi

Canapa Mundi is a relatively new international cannabis fair which takes places at the beginning of each year in the capital of Italy, Rome. It is organized by an Italian cultural association called Tauris in a number of exhibition halls on an area of 10,000 square meters.


More than 120 international exhibitors divided into three sectors present a complex example of various cannabis industry fields. Visitors learn about cannabis growing and processing, the production of cannabis edibles, cosmetics, textiles, or the use of cannabis in construction, among other things. A separate exposition is usually dedicated to arts, crafts, trade, technology, and research.

Although an entire hall is dedicated to cannabis industry and cannabis processing, the primary theme of Canapa Mundi in the previous years has mostly been food industry and the so-called cannabis cuisine. Eighty percent of the exhibition grounds is thus occupied by hemp farmers and producers of food, delicacies or beverages.

Professional seminars, conferences and workshops have also become an essential part of this trade show. On the first day of the fair, officials and agricultural experts meet to discuss the legal aspects of growing cannabis with the aim of removing administrative obstacles. This is followed by a program focused on medical cannabis, attended by doctors, scientists and patients, or a special bloc dealing with the issues of the decriminalization and legalization of cannabis for recreational use. The rich program of the Canapa Mundi fair is accompanied by a wealth of popular artists and recreational activities.

Canapa Mundi