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Paradox Seeds are a crossbreed of famous strains Jack Herer and Afghani. It is a high-speed growing Sativa.

Despite its draconian content of the active substance THC, you can look forward to highly euphoric effects suitable for society or partying.

It grows to a maximum size of two meters. The yield from Paradox plants reaches up to 600 grams of dry matter thanks to its compact buds with a balanced ratio of beautiful petals.

The flowering time of this luxurious sativa is 56-65 days from the beginning of flowering. Aroma is earthy with sweet chocolate and spicy notes.

If you want to go wild quickly and properly with your friends, we can recommend Paradox cannabis seeds as an ideal choice.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

Flowering time outdoor
56 days
Jack Herer x Afghani
Sweet and spicy
Plant height
130-200 cm
Nuka Seeds


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