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Grandaddy Confidential Kush by Seed Stockers

Grandaddy Confidential Kush

Average rating: 3.4 (20× ratings)

Grandaddy Confidential Kush is a classy 3-way cross of some of the best indica cannabis genetics currently available. The original genetics came from the acclaimed LA Confidential which was crossed with a special Grandaddy Purps. Both varieties are stable and highly appreciated. The genetics were then crossed with an award-winning O.G. Kush, this gives a delicious deep and rich Kush aroma to the final buds. Plants tend to have medium height with average stretch during the flowering period. Grandaddy Confidential Kush is a popular strain for home growers as an award-winning indica with compact structure and great parameters. In terms of medicinal applications, it is popular with concentrate fans due to the high oil content. A premium quality feminized photoperiodical strain in the Seed Stockers collection which everyone wants to grow again and again.

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(LA Confidential x Grandaddy Purps) x O.G. Kush
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