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One of the first things you will notice while browsing Cannapedia website is probably a color distinction dividing all the strains into three main categories: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. The original classification of cannabis strains as Indicas and Sativas dates back to the 18th century, when first Swedish biologist Carl Linné identified Sativa in 1737 and then French scientist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck described Indica in 1785.

The “hybrid” category came into existence much later – about 30 years ago as an inevitable consequence of breeding and crossbreeding of various strains from different geographical locations. Growers and breeders mainly from the Netherlands and US started to mix original Indicas from hillsides of Hindu Kush and Himalayas with original Sativas from warm climate zones close to the equator (we also call these indigenous strains landraces).

Omnipresent Cross-breeding

The vast majority of seedbanks is offering mostly hybrid seeds nowadays claiming they contain “the best from the both worlds”. These hybrids are either Sativa or Indica dominant, or 50:50.

Hybrid strains are supposed to provide a “balance” of effects of euphorizing and uplifting Sativas and sedative Indicas.

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