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Tips for Growing Mandarin Haze

Sativa fans always find the Mandarin Haze strain offered by the Ministry of Cannabis (MOC) a special treat because of its powerful, happy high and stunning cerebral buzz. This plant is just wonderful and enjoyable to have with the freshness of its citrusy aroma that combines orange, satsuma, and notes of mandarin with haze undertones that leave you in total happiness. Knowing how to grow this plant should be on your must-do list if it is not already. Here are a few tips to help you grow Mandarin Haze from seed to harvest.

The MOC recommends planting Mandarin Haze in soil, but it can also do well when growing in hydro. Since you are growing a sativa-dominant strain, you should also know the differences between growing a sativa and indica. Sativas are also known to have longer flowering times, and Mandarin Haze is no exception with a flowering time of up to 10 weeks. However, the wait will be worth it once you reach harvest time.


These plants are also known to grow very long, tall, and lanky. If you are thinking about doing an indoor grow, you should consider that the height of the plant could be a problem and may not produce the results you want. Sativas are much happier growing in the outdoors, but it is still possible to have a successful indoor grow.  You do not have to worry about the height until they reach the bloom phase which is when drastic vertical growth occurs. With that in mind, you are probably safe to grow these plants indoors during the first four to five weeks while in the vegetation stage.

Consider Yield

As a rule, if you want the biggest yield from your Mandarin Haze grow, you need to make it an outdoor grow. According to MOC, yields for outdoor grows are 750g per plant compared to indoor grows that average around 550-60 grams per square meters when growing indoors.


As mentioned, sativas like lots of light that they prefer the outdoors, so it is essential to ensure that your Mandarin Haze plants get plenty of intense light whether it is natural light or indoor grow lights. The more light you provide to your Mandarin Haze plants, the more they will grow.

Flowering and Harvesting

As mentioned before, the flowering time for Mandarin Haze is usually up to 10 weeks, and you can expect to have a stunning sativa on your hands at this time. With optimum conditions, four well-grown plants will provide you with about 3 kilos of fresh bud. During average harvests, most buds will give you about 23% THC and very low CBD.

Cure and Enjoy

Make sure you follow the correct methods for harvesting Mandarin Haze by drying and curing your buds properly. This plant is very rewarding and having a smoke from your harvest will surely reflect that when you follow these tips.

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