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God's Glue strain review

Another popular strain recently added to the Ministry of Cannabis’ seed lineup includes God’s Glue or also known as Gorilla Glue #4. The strain was derived from two different phenotypes of Gorilla glue #4: one that was brought from the US and another one that was brought in clone form that had been growing for an extended period in Amsterdam. The ancestors of the two strains that were crossed were members of the Chem and Sour families. This incredible strain packs more THC than ever and leaves you with an effect that is very happy and social.

About Gorilla Glue #4

Also known as GG4, this sativa-dominant hybrid is a multiple award-winning strain that averages 18 to 25% THC. Some strains can reach as high as 32% in some dispensaries while its CBD content is very low ranging from .05 to .1%.

The strain gets its name from the amount of resin that collects on a trimmer’s scissors because it looks like glue. It has several parents that can be traced due to backcrossing to include Chocolate Diesel, Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Sour Diesel.

This strain was a Cannabis Cup winner in 2014 in Michigan and Los Angeles. Its appearance can be described as a bunch of trichomes with very few leaves, buds, or stalks branching out.

Despite the sativa dominance, this strain gives you a full body melt where you can chill out and relax. Its aroma can be described as very strong with a powerful diesel that includes sweet and earthy notes of coffee and chocolate.

Mature buds come are green and become very dense, resinous, and songy. Once matured, the buds will be covered with orange hairs and sticky trichomes.

Whether you are a medical or recreational user, you can expect to feel a full-body effect which is a direct result of the high THC/low CBD ratio, the synergistic effects that the cannabinoids have on the brain’s receptors, and the terpene profile. With all of this combined, you can expect both a body buzz and cerebral effects that relax you and make you feel uplifting.

Keep in mind that because of the high THC content, this is not a strain you want to use in the morning. It is more commonly suited for the end of the day or when you have a day off from work.

God’s Glue – Peak Out Your THC

God’s Glue reaches an average THC level of 25% and can peak at 30% on selected plants. It carries on the tradition of GG four with its complex aroma that starts with the earthy, diesel base and then followed up by notes of citrus. The effect of the strain is that it makes you totally happy and social. For those who really want to maximize their THC levels, this strain is one of the best choices out there.


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