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Decriminalisation of a certain practice (possession of an object, certain activity etc.) means that such activity is not entirely legal but does not ensue legal punishment.


Cannabis as a Ticket to Prison, or...

In case of cannabis, countries with more liberal drug laws (including the Czech Republic) don’t usually consider the possession or even growing of a precisely defined amount of cannabis for personal to be a criminal offense. If someone is caught, the punishment includes “only” the confiscation of cannabis and a fine. The degree of decriminalisation differs country by country – in case of the Czech Republic, the decriminalized amount for cannabis is ten grams of dried female flowers, and five growing plants. For these offences, one can get fined with up to 15 000 CZK, once the amount is larger, the offence is treated as crime. Moreover, once you harvest just a single plant and start drying it, it also becomes crime because the law states that this is the process of “processing drug marihuana from cannabis”.

Thus, the common assumption that growing a few plants for personal use is in Czechia “in fact” legal, is not and will not be true until the punishments for possession and production of cannabis (at least for the personal use) will be withdrawn by the state.

Furthermore, possession of small amounts of other drugs is decriminalised in the Czech Republic as well – thanks to that, the country is generally seen as one of the most progressive countries in terms of liberal drug policies and harm reduction. The exact amounts of illegal substances decriminalised for personal use can be found e.g. on www.epravo.cz.