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Cannabinoids – CBN

When tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is exposed to oxygen and heat over time, it eventually breaks down into cannabinol (CBN). With this happening, almost all the psychoactive properties of THC disappear and the resulting CBN will not get the user high, however, it is probably the most powerful cannabinoid in terms of sleep promotion.

Healing Properties

Sleep inducing properties make CBN and ideal tool against insomnia (e.g. 10 mg of CBN should be as effective as 20 mg of diazepam), but that is not everything: a study published in 2012 showed that cannabinol stimulates appetite, while Swedish research from 2002 proved that CBN has analgesic effects (not as powerful as THC though), and some studies (as early as 1975) suggest that CBN has antitumorous properties similar to CBD and THC.

Apart from that it has been shown that cannabinol also reduces vomiting and nausea and has antiepileptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Where to Look for It

It is generally accepted that CBN is present more in indica dominant strains than in sativa, and that is most likely why dominant indicas make users feel sleepy and tired. Also aging and storing the harvest in a container which is not air-tight increases the content of CBN at the extent of THC due to the process called oxidization.