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How to Clean a Bong

How to Clean your Bong or Pipe

What can be more disgusting and appalling to any cannabis connoisseur than a dirty bong or a pipe? Fortunately, we can show you a quick and easy way to clean them.


Cleaning Utensils

  • Salt or rice – simply anything slightly coarse that can help during the cleaning process.
  • High percentage alcohol for cleaning (ethanol or e.g. isopropyl) to remove the resin and dirt from glass material.
  • Small pieces of cloth or cotton to seal the openings.
  • Rubber bands for securing anything that could move (you will be shaking you’re your bong).
  • Pipe cleaner or anything else that can help you to reach inaccessible spots.
  • Protective gloves because you do not want to grease your hands with awfully smelling tarred residues.


Dismantle and Rinse

The first step is to dismantle the bong or pipe and rinse it with hot water.


Add Alcohol and Salt or Rice

Assemble the bong or pipe again, prepare the alcohol and salt or rice. Add salt/rice first – you have to use such amount that would not dissolve in the alcohol because with salt dissolved you would not benefit from its brushing effect. Add alcohol and cover the openings of the bong with pieces of cotton or cloth, secure the moving parts with rubber bands.


Shake Repeatedly

Push the cloth or cotton into all openings using your fingers and thumbs to keep the alcohol with salt/rice safely inside. Shake fervently. Once your hands will ache, keep shaking for a few more moments – that means at least five minutes altogether. The same procedure applies if you want to clean a pipe, which can be disassembled into bowl and other parts.

In case your bong or pipe is totally dirty, you probably have to repeat the whole procedure more than once. When you are finished, flush the residual liquid into the toilet.

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