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Cannabis Sugar

Sugar enriched with cannabis extract is another innovation in the world of cannabis products, offering new possibilities for both medical and recreational use.


What is cannabis sugar?

Simply put, it is a crystal sugar which contains active substances found in cannabis. Cannabinoids with medical effects, such as THC and CBD, are extracted from the plant using alcohol, and subsequently mixed with ordinary sugar. The result is sugar with slightly nutty flavor that may completely replace other sweeteners and can be used for baking, as well as added to your coffee or tea.


The advantages of cannabis sugar

This cannabis edible has many advantages when compared to e.g. butter or oil:

  • Easy to store. Compared to raw cannabis flowers, sugar is undemanding when it comes to storage conditions while also lacking a distinct aroma that is typical for both cannabis plants and fats. Its odor is as innocent as its appearance.
  • A long durability which neither fresh nor dried flowers can rival. Furthermore, sugar does not go bad even when exposed to light or air.
  • Cannabis sugar can fully replace ordinary sweeteners. The only thing that sets it apart from crystal or icing sugar is the nutty taste. It can be used for baking, making home-made syrups and jelly, or in your favorite tea and coffee. It has less calories than cannabutter and is fully soluble in water.
  • Discretion. If you want to use cannabis in a discreet manner, cannabis sugar is just the thing for you. Its appearance, taste and aroma are essentially the same as that of cane sugar, so it can be used at home and work alike. Its easily portable and available whenever you need it.
  • Easy dosing. Producing home-made cannabis sugar is relatively difficult and requires some skills and cooking experience; dosing, on the other side, is very easy and even a less experienced consumer will get the hang of it after a short time.


Suitable for non-smokers

The traditional method of using cannabis is obviously smoking, which may be a major problem for some patients. Smoking may cause irritation to airways, as well as chronic health issues, such as bronchitis. Cannabis sugar eliminates the need to inhale smoke along with all the harmful substances.


How to make cannabis sugar

Making cannabis edibles is in general a time-consuming activity. This is true for cannabis sugar as well. So how is it done?

First, you need to prepare the basic ingredients (we chose a small amount for demonstration): three grams of dried cannabis flowers, half a cup of strong, pure alcohol (at least 75%) and half a cup of crystal sugar. Furthermore, you will need baking paper, a jar with a screw cap, a bowl and a pure white cloth.

Preheat your oven to 110°C and lay your cannabis evenly on the baking paper. Put in inside the preheated oven and bake for about 30 to 40 minutes. Make sure the temperature does not exceed 120°C, as it would degrade the active compounds.

Put the baking paper out of the oven and let the cannabis cool down in room temperature. Decrease temperature in the oven to 90°C.

Grind the lukewarm cannabis to a crude powder. That way, you have prepared decarboxylated cannabis. Put the required amount to the jar. Add enough alcohol so that all the powder is submerged, and seal the jar tightly.

Shake the jar in about five-minute intervals. Repeat four or five times. Let the content of the jar settle down between the individual repetitions. Then take the bowl and sieve the content of the jar to it through the cloth, which then squeeze thoroughly. You will not need the solid bits.

Pour sugar to the bowl and stir until homogeneous matter forms.

Spread the sugar mix evenly on baking paper in a thin layer and put it into the oven, which has now cooled down to 90°C.

Bake the mix while stirring it occasionally until the alcohol fully evaporates and the sugar gains a golden shade. Store the product the same way as ordinary sugar and use it as needed.

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