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SOG: Sea of Green

The Sea of Green (abbreviated as SOG) is a method of growing cannabis which forces the plant to flower at a relatively young age.

Plants grown using this technique spend only two weeks in the vegetative stage, allowing for a much earlier harvest.


Advantages of SOG

This method is used the most when the growing space is limited. That’s because SOG allows for a maximum exploitation of available space. If you keep your flowering plants under a 12/12 light regime (12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness), you can fit in more flowering plants. The yield per plant will be smaller but in the long term, you will obtain a cumulatively greater amount.

SOG growers often have to meet certain deadlines of delivering the product. That is why this method is often used in larger grow-ops that must consistently supply trim to medical dispensaries, for example.

Growing cannabis with the use of artificial lighting requires as effective use of the light source as possible. The majority of grow-ops are constructed in a way where the light shines on the plants from above, which means the upper leaves and branches cast shadow over the lower parts of the plant, so there’s always a part of the plant that does not receive enough light. If you push the plants close to each other, you will create a canopy from the buds (hence the name Sea of Green), which absorbs the majority of light.


Basic steps when growing using SOG

  • Plant your plants in a way that each one has 30 square centimeters of space.
  • Choose the lighting and keep the plants below the light for 18–24 hours a day until they reach the height of about 25–30 cm.
  • Switch the lighting to 12/12 regime to encourage flowering (approximately when the plants are two or three weeks old).
  • Once you get a thick canopy of buds, trim all smaller branches underneath to save the energy that would have gone into the lower branches instead of the upper flowers.
Sea Of Green: Moře zeleně