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Dutch Blue Automatic

Average rating: 3.6 (8× ratings)

Hybrid. Dutch Automatic x Blueberry x NL Special. Blue hues in colder conditions. Fruity, earthy aroma and flavor.

Spliff Seeds’ Dutch Blue Automatic is the result of crossing Dutch Automatic, Blue Berry and Northern Lights Special. The result is a relatively potent, fast-finishing autoflowering variety with a unique fruity taste. Its Blue Berry heritage can cause leaves and buds to become blue or purple when grown in colder conditions.

Dutch Blue Automatic is another strain Spliff Seeds recommend for beginners because it is extremely reliable and easy to grow. Its resistance to cold, disease and pests make sure it is not bothered by colder climates. For best results, however, it is best grown indoors under an 18/6 light cycle. Dutch Blue Automatic forms one main cola and barely any side branches, making it an ideal strain for SOG grows.

Dutch Blue Automatic has a fruity, earthy aroma and flavor that combines a hash-like indica taste with hints of fruit. Medicinal uses include alleviating ADHD, stress and anxiety.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

ruderalis / indica / sativa
Indoor flowering time
10-11 weeks
Flowering time outdoor
August / September
Dutch Automatic x Blueberry x NL Special
fruity, earthy aroma and taste
Plant height
indoor: 0.40-0.75m,outdoor: 0.80-1.40 m 
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